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The rich blend of tones that meet on this musical palette is sure to appeal to even the most demanding music critic. They reveal all the subtleties that their instruments have to offer through their choice of harmony, countermelody and lavish improvisations.

Artist descriptions

Cameron Wallis, originally from Winnipeg, Manitoba, has been a multi-instrumentalist for more than a decade and has enjoyed a successful performance career across Canada and abroad.  A well-studied musician, Cameron holds a Master's Degree in Music from McGill University, in Montreal, Canada and is comfortable in many styles of music including salsa, jazz, and rock. Graced with an authentic talent for improvisation and served by remarkable finger dexterity, Cameron can both weave astounding flights of fancy on his instruments and create beautiful melody. His versatility and improvisational abilities have made him in high demand and have taken on performance tours of Mexico, Israel, Canada, and the U.S.  Cameron was recently a featured performer and arranger with famed Quebecois pop artist, Jean Leloup.


Highly artistic cellist, Marie-Helene Bergeron was inspired by music at a very young age and the1990’s saw the beginning of her illustrious professional career. This trained performer and music therapist can be seen in various concert settings as a soloist or in ensembles ranging in size from quartet to full orchestra.  Marie-Helene’s experience playing classical music, jazz and folk arrangements have led to her development of a unique voice. Combining her sensitivity as a musician and her maturity as a therapist, she excels at developing graceful melodies.




The trademark of Jean-Philippe Bouffard is his unique piano style. He developed his musical ideas and distinctive style while playing in a variety of groups.  Jean-Philippe is the leader of a folk dance company, a classical concert pianist, and accompanies a multitude of rock singers. Combining an academic knowledge of music (B. Mus. in jazz performance) with the hands-on experience that he’s accumulated while jamming with musicians from all around the world (France, USA, Switzerland), Jean-Philippe demonstrates a well-balanced artistic maturity and a sense of melody that goes beyond beauty.




Born in Montréal, acclaimed Canadian drummer and percussionist Jean-Pierre Levesque has been playing for more than fourteen years. Over the course of the last decade, this young musician has developed and excelled in the company of some of the Quebec music industries most popular artists.  His performance credits include Nanette Workman, Bob Walsh and the legendary Ronnie Cuber. Jean-Pierre has also had the opportunity to perform at many high-profile musical events, including the Montréal International Jazz Festival, the Francofolies de Montréal, and an assortment of major European festivals.  Jean-Pierre’s unique melodic approach to percussion performance and his versatility have made him one of the most prolific musicians on Montréal’s music scene.

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